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It was good. [15 Jul 2005|09:15am]
[ mood | I don't want to go to work ]

Everything here is eatable. I'm eatable, but that my children is called cannibalism and it is frowned upon in most societies.

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[11 Jun 2005|11:00am]
[ mood | sore ]

Yesterday was a mixture of things.

Work was work-like. I semi-trained a new carry out boy. He's going to be alright to work with, I suppose. I'm beginning to like working with the carry-outers. Well...maybe just Ryan and Matt. It's nice to have amusing people to talk to when you're doing absolutely nothing.

In a couple of weeks, I'm going to get to work with Mol! I took a carry-out shift while she's cashiering. I figure...I do most of the carry out stuff anyways, why not officially do it, right? Fun times.

Dinner last night with Randy was kind of weird. He was being a bigger jackass than usual. Then he mentioned some girl that he's "chasing." Don't get me wrong....all of the feelings are gone, but it's still kind of sad when your first teenage love is starting to find someone else.

Then the concert. Me in a car with five males. Haha, I love the twins. They crack me up. They should probably be my best friends. The show....was not so good. First of all, it was sweltering in there. It was almost as packed as it was for Ska Is Dead, only this time it was 90 degrees outside to begin with. 45 cent opened...and they are HORRIBLE. Then Whole Wheat Bread came on. Picture three gangsta-looking black guys (one with gold teeth and a fro) who look like they're going to bust out some Tupac covers......only to begin some awesome white-boy punk-pop. Man...it was hilarious. I loved them. After that, though....I started to feel really gross. I was scared that I was going to pass out. It was way too hot and there were way too many people. I had to go outside. The only problem was that there was no re-entry...so we had to hear Streetlight from outside. Nate was being an awesome boyfriend and taking care of me....but I still feel really bad that he missed it.

While there, I saw about four or five of Randy's old friends there, including Munky, which kind of weirded me out.

The way home was filled with 14-year old racial slurs and a new vocabulary word: chinxican. Those boys are going to get their asses kicked someday, I swear.

Um....just so you can see:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yea. Punk rock.

I had really sad dreams. I barely remember what they were about but I know that I woke up wanting to cry. I also got cramps in both of my calves in the middle of the night.

By the way, lately....I feel really cut off from the rest of the world.

This turned out to be really long. Oops. I have to go and get ready and eat and such before work.

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[31 May 2005|10:19pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I saw pretty two happening dogs today.
And I'm feeling sad, so I thought that maybe posting pictures of them would make me happier:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yes, I know I'm lame.

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[31 May 2005|05:15pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Goodbye lip piercing.
It was a short but good run.

I need major cheering up.

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[30 May 2005|10:49pm]
[ mood | okay ]

So...since Nate took his memory card (!) before I could save all of my family pictures from yesterday and post them...I am going to post some older ones from Ska Weekend and the other day. Not all of them...but my personal favorites:

Good luck, playahs!Collapse )

Today was fun times after 9 grueling hours of work! Yay for hanging out with friends that I haven't seen in awhile! Yay for a Mario Party party!

I also scoped out the camera that I want. And I shall wake up at 10:00 to go and buy it. Woo. It'll be a dent in my dwindling money supply, but well worth it, I hope.

Then the rest of the day is Lindsey day! We will be ninjas and visit teachers. And eat pickles. Woot.

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[29 May 2005|10:14pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Great Grandpa's 90th birthday party today. So old.

There were tons of kids up at the farm. Pictures later because they were so cute. So was Nate :o)

Haha. Ok. Amusing point of the day:

My aunt came over to share a fun little story with me. Apparently my cousin Devon came up to her (he's about ten) and this is how the conversation went (more or less):

Devon: Mom, how old do you have to be to get married?
Aunt Donna: In my house? 28, at least. Why?
Devon: What about in Aunt Kathy's house?
Aunt Donna: Well, I'm not sure, why?
Devon: Because I really like Nate.

Haha. So my ten year old cousin thinks that Nate and I should get hitched. Aww. I guess that's his way of saying he approves. And it's so cute, too because even though Nate doesn't see it, I think that Devon will grow up to look a little something like Nate does now. Nerdy hott. At any rate, Nate has a new fan.

Now it's bedtime. Work tomorrow at 7. Eww.

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[26 May 2005|04:26am]
Waking up in the middle of the night to puke had this benefit:

While eating crackers trying to get the puke-lump in my throat down, I was watching "Daria" and it was the episode where they play the song that I have been trying to figure out the name of for years. Seriously. YEARS. I listened to the lyrics and searched it and FINALLY found out what it's called!

"Your Woman" by White Town.

Wow. That's a load off my mind.
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[21 May 2005|09:44pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I'm kind of sick of feeling like I have the plague.
And, no, this isn't directed to you, Mol or Al. I was just messing around with you guys.

Maybe it's because I'm apartment-sitting for my mother and no one else (ie: my mother) is here. So I feel kind of left alone in the first place...but it seems like everyone has something that they'd rather be doing than hanging out with me. I mean, my best friend even blew me off the other day.

I guess I'm just too dependent on other people. I should probably just learn how to be happy alone, since that's how it's going to be again, come time for college.

Actually, I thought that I would finally be happy once college ended. Once my boyfriend and all of my friends came home. But...I find that more often than not...I'm just...not. And that might just be something wrong with me. I don't know. I just feel kind of lonely.

And maybe it's because summer hasn't officially "started" yet....but...nothing seems to be looking up at all.

I'm just kind of upset that I sometimes seem like more of an acquaintance than an actual friend.

Or, you know what? Maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself.

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[20 May 2005|10:20pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

Stolen from Ashley because I'm crazy bored.Collapse )

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[20 May 2005|11:28am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Tagged by Lindsey.Collapse )

Now that that is over...

Thank you, Nate, for a wonderful sixth monthaversary :oD I love you.

We just ate breakfasts! That I cooked! And it didn't taste bad! Crazy!

I get to go into work today to hopefully get my SCHEDULE! Finally. Sheesh. I need moneys. Real bad. Also! Tonight I get to go see my favorite hottie Wiley twins in a school play. Woo.

Now I have to go and clean this gross kitchen up. Eww.

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[17 May 2005|12:02am]

Mostly for Lindsey, Trista, and Jessica....but anyone else may find it amusing.Collapse )



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Because I'm insanely bored: [15 May 2005|01:18pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Give me an anonymous comment with:

1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One non-compliment.
4. Lyrics to a song.
5. How old you are?
6. How long we've been friends?
7. And a hint to who you are.

Phwoar. I'm still in my pajamas.

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[10 May 2005|02:28am]
[ mood | hot ]

I now have a job.
$7.00 as a cashier at Samuel Hoffman's. Full time. Forty or so hours a week. That's more than I got paid for managing people at Coldstone.
The woman said I might be moved to server later on. Woot. I'm going to be bringing in the money. It's not fancy, but it's MONEY!

Apparently, I look good in a skirt.


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[06 May 2005|12:31pm]
[ mood | bored ]

"Forbidden Zone" is a pretty kickass movie. Yay Oingo-Boingo. Yay the woman who played Ramona in "Cry-Baby." Yay super fucked up movie.

I am stuck in this house right now. I really don't like my father's house at all, even though I grew up here. He's changed everything. I can't even take a fucking shower without having to move all my stuff (body wash, shampoo, facewash, etc.) into the shower and then out again because he doesn't want it hanging around in there. I much prefer my mother's apartment, where everything is girly and pretty smelling.

I'm supposed to be cleaning my room. I am...sort of. But I keep getting distracted. I really need to take a shower and get dressed and such. I'm kind of excited because it is warm out and I want to wear either my old man shorts or a skirt. Woot.

I need a job. Badly. I've had two interviews so far. Nothing. I've pretty much applied everywhere. I need money.

And, although I am strapped for cash, I really want to go to the movies. I want to see "Palindromes" at the Main Art Theatre. Someone go with me?

Speaking of...Where are all of my friends? I miss everyone and have pretty much not seen a one since I got home. Someone...call me?

Hmm. I know what I will do. Clean the room here...and then shower at my moms. At least then I can straighten my hair.

So...I will be looking hott today. So someone should do something with me.

The end.

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[26 Apr 2005|04:13pm]
[ mood | gross ]

Stolen from NateCollapse )

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[10 Apr 2005|12:37am]
[ mood | blank ]

Let's start with yesterday:

Hung out with Randy all day. It was a lot nicer than expected. We got lunch at the Breakfast Club. Walked his dog. Rented "Pauly Shore Is Dead." Had some talks. Got a lot of stuff out. Got some Telway. Drank a little. I think this friendship is going to turn out well.


Mol. Taco Bell. Fran, Bev. Coffee house with a creepy guy. Bubbles and candy. Drawing dirty chalk drawings. Playing "Mother May I." Foods. TV. It was real fun. I love those guys. A lot. Pictures later. Christina Allen was supposed to come over, but...she had to go prom dress shopping. And then...somehow we ended up waiting for her to call because she was at Nick's house...and....she never called. Nick...15 minutes distance. Mol...three hours. Huh? I'm sorry, I guess I just miss her. I love her and Nick, both, though.


Mol and I are brunching. Mmm. And...then I don't know what else we're doing yet. Then I'm hanging out with Randy some more. I don't know what we're going to do. He wants it to involve drinking again...but I'm thinking that I'm not so much used to that. Besides last night...I had only really drank that much twice...and I don't know if I'm down with that two nights in a weekend.

I miss a lot of people.
I miss Stephanie...'cause I didn't see her this weekend like I usually do.
Missing Dave is pretty much a given.
I miss Becky, but...I've gotten the feeling for awhile now that she isn't as fond of me as she used to be.
I miss Trista.
I miss Pat. But...old Pat. Pat who used to talk to me on the phone for hours. Back when he seemed more....himself? "I can trust you with anything" Pat.
I miss Jessica. There's no real reason why we haven't been hanging out...but we're not...and that's sad.

I've also been thinking a lot and I've realized that that horrible thing went down around the time of "Valentine's Week." Ironic or just sad?

Um. OK. I'm upsetting myself now.

MTV Hits is my new favorite channel.

P.S.: Kyle Gass is in the video for Good Charlotte's "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous."


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[16 Mar 2005|11:06pm]
Stephanie E.

People who I know not to take off even though they didnt reply:
Stephanie H.

Now's your last chance. If you're not on this list and you still want to be part of the whole friends list thing, COMMENT.
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[21 Feb 2005|03:03am]
[ mood | okay ]

Dear Anthropology 2100,

I'd be lying if I said that it has been great. Basically, you sucked and I couldn't stand you. Hopefully, I won't be seeing you in the future.


Dear World,

How the eff did we get so cute?


Dear Spike,

I'm so glad to know that you didn't forget me.

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[19 Feb 2005|01:32am]
Here's the deal.
I am in love with this song.
And if you can guess what it is (without cheating, of course), I owe you sex.
Or something of the sort.

I never shouted it
like we do in school
and knee-jerk negativity
just never got me through
come on she said so carefully
you don't get a vote
this is not a five and ten
this is not a joke.

By the way, thank you Ashley...notthequiettype for my icon. Rawr.
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Stolen from Heather... [08 Feb 2005|10:47am]
If you read this,

even if i don't speak to you often,

you must post a memory of me.

It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad,

just so long as it happened.

Then post this to your journal. See what people remember about you...

Do it, or I will shank you.
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